About Duplex

Our founders, a team of pharmacist, physiotherapist, scientist, and naturopath, realised that amidst vast seas of brands, formulations and price tags claiming to deliver the same health benefits, it is difficult to identify high-quality health supplement products. Hence, Duplex™ was founded to develop only top-quality health supplements to meet your unique health needs at an affordable price. All products are produced based on the highest standards of scientific studies and manufactured in accordance with the GMP standards.

Duplex™ produces a range of healthcare products and supplements ranging from joint care products, dietary supplements, anti-inflammatory joints care and many more. All of our products are made of 100% natural ingredients that could alleviate our lifestyle and well being.

Duplex™ strives to be your trusted healthcare brand, a brand that will never settle for less than the best. We firmly believe your health matters. At Duplex™, we pledge to make your well being our priority. Our aim is to deliver effective, yet affordable healthcare simply because we believe good health makes living more meaningful. 

We are your trusted ally on the journey to attain a healthy mind, body and spirit.