Duplex ImmunoFix

A yeast beta glucan and broccoli sprout blend.

Duplex ImmunoFix™ is an antioxidant rich foods  with patented ingredients that have been clinically studied to promote immune function. The powerful standardized immunity supplement offers nutritional support for a healthy immune system, while M-Gard® (Yeast beta-glucan) helps enhance body's vital defense mechanism against pathogens such as bacteria, virus and fungus. Immunofix also contains rich berries powder in one single sachet. It also contains Brossica™, which is the extract of broccoli sprout harvested in New Zealand. 

RRP: RM 99 / box of 20 sachets

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M-Gard® (beta-1,3/1,6-glucan)  |  Brossica™ (broccoli sprout) 

Cordyceps  |  Blueberry  |  Red Grape  |  Cranberry |  Vitamin C |  Strawberry  |  Blackcurrant  |  Raspberry

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Product of Norway


M-Gard® is an immunomodulator that enhances your body’s vital defence mechanisms against pathogens such as bacteria, virus, fungus etc*.


Studies have shown that M-Gard® exert immunomodulatory effects in vitro and in vivo in experimental animal and human models. M-Gard® represents an excellent immune enhancing compound for human use.


Product of New Zealand

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New innovation from New Zealand. Broccoli sprout powder manufactured through innovative proprietary process (freeze dried technology) which enables the preservation of whole bio-active ingredients in the sprout.


It contains 10 to 100 times higher glucoraphanin (precursor of sulforaphane) than mature broccoli.

Added with

Cordyceps, Superberries™ and Vitamin C


Improves immunity by stimulating cells and specific chemicals in the immune system.

Vitamin C

Powerful anti-oxidant that strengthens the body's natural defenses by protecting cells from harmful molecules. 


Helps in lowering blood sugar levels and improves brain functions. It inhibits the oxidation of LDL cholesterol too.


Acts on blood sugar levels and oxidative stress. It may help in lowering blood pressure.


Helps in joint or muscle pain. It improves eye function including the eye's ability to adapt to the dark. Suitable for people with visual difficulties.


Known to be useful in minimizing the risk of urinary tract infections (UTI). 

Red Grape

Activates the enzymes of the liver that rid the body's unwanted chemicals. It also helps to improve memory, attention, mood and general well-being.


Highly anti-oxidant. It helps with constipation, promotes a healthy complexion as well as lowering blood sugar level.

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Who may benefit from botanical powder mix ImmunoFix?

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People who have impaired immunity from any cause.

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Elderly people when immune reactivity starts to slow down due to the natural aging process.


Individuals who experience daily stress, overwork, sudden change of environment and/or poor diet.


People who exercise excessively or feeling lethargic throughout the day. They often have a suppressed immune system.

User Guidelines

12 cm

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3 cm

Serving Size

Age group > 12 : One full sachet

Age group 2-12 : Half sachet.

To be taken in the morning, before or after meal. Consume the sachet directly at one time, in small doses.

Servings Per Container

20 servings in total. Based on the recommended dosage of one sachet a day, 20 sachets should last you

20 days.

Dosage per Serving

3 grams of botanical powder mix in one sachet. It contains Superberries™, M-Gard®, Brossica™, Cordyceps and Vitamin C.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can ImmunoFix be taken to treat a specific disease?

No, ImmunoFix helps to support healthy immune function by significantly raising your level of resistance against pathogens. Hence, ImmunoFix does not fight a specific disease directly, but rather enhances your vital disease fighter (your immune system).

For how long should one take ImmunoFix?

ImmunoFix should be taken on a daily basis year around, or prior to stressful periods or seasons known to represent an increased risk of diseases.

Could daily intake of M-Gard® in ImmunoFix cause over-stimulation of your immune system?

After your immune cells are exposed to M-Gard®, the modulated immune cells stay in a resting mode until the presence of a virus, bacteria, fungi, etc. Therefore, the immune system is not running at “full engine” all the time, M-Gard® merely enhances the immune responses during an infection.

I'm allergic to yeast. Can I take this product?

Yes, the components in yeast, which may cause allergy, are removed during the production of M-Gard®.

I am currently on medication. Can I consume ImmunoFix at the same time?

No adverse effects have been reported to date. However, if you are on medications, you are always advised to consult your healthcare provider prior taking this supplement.

Require more assistance?

Kindly contact us at inquiry@duplex.com.my